Rhythm Time sessions are held at the nursery once a week for one hour (Additional costs apply). All children are encouraged to participate.



Rhythm Time is a really enjoyable experience for children but it is much more
than just a sing-along. It is a well thought out musical experience which uses
lots of exciting songs and activities to help a child's development and life

We instil in children a love and understanding of music from an early age.
However, when you are involved in educating young children, it is very important
that they have lots of fun during the lessons.

Children learn in different ways and are also at different stages
developmentally. With this in mind and to enhance their experience in the
classes, Rhythm Time offers different courses: music
classes for babies,
and pre-school

In the classes we do lots of unaccompanied singing which helps the babies and
children to start vocalising and to sing in tune. Singing together also helps to
build the neural pathways that stimulate the growth of language and memory.

All the courses have been created by Kathy Doolan (DRSAM, LRAM), who trained
at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama in Glasgow. Kathy previously
was head of music in a Scottish school and shares with all franchisees and
teachers a real passion and belief in the importance of music during a child's
formative years.

Children certainly learn from an early age that actively making music with
others is a wonderful experience. Week by week, as they develop, so does their