Our nursery has a safe outdoor environment for the children to explore. There is a rubberised safety surface for the climbing frame and slide as well as all other kinds of outdoor play. We also have a purpose built pavilion in the nursery garden which can be used as an 'outdoor classroom'. This can be used all year round.

There is a turfed area and an area with bark chippings with natural materials to explore. The children have their own section of the garden to grow their own vegetables and flowers etc. They are involved in planting seeds, watering, weeding and harvesting from their garden. We also have a compost bin and a water butt in the nursery garden.


All children will have the opportunity for outdoor freeplay, and a structured outdoor activity during each session.

As our nursery is situated on a working farm, there are cows and sheep in the areas surrounding us. During the lambing season, the children can have hands-on experience once parental consent has been granted.


There is a public footpath behind the nursery, which the children can use to explore the natural world around them. They will have nature walks on this path leading up to the wooded area, which is home to a variety of wildlife, including fallow deer, providing the children with invaluable learning experiences.


In the Spring of this year (as soon as the weather improves) we have big plans for the nursery garden. We aim to introduce big splashes of colour to the garden by painting the fence in the nursery's colours and adding interactive artwork onto the rubberised safety surface. We also plan to landscape the garden further to make the grass areas more accessible all year round.

Nursery Garden Refurb Plan 2014
nursery garden.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [173.4 KB]


(17/06/14) Work in the nursery garden is progressing well. The grass has been strimmed and mown. The weeds along the back against the fence have been (back breakingly) removed and some gravel boards cemented in place to create a more permanent border to fill with soil, border plants and flowers. The pathways which were created on the lawn have been removed and will (eventually) be filled in and seeded to restore a full grass area for the children to play on. More updates to follow.....

(24/06/14) Another productive day in the garden this week. Filling in the pathways with topsoil (two and a half tonnes so far). After the heavy rain that is forecast over the next few days, we should be ready to seed the lawn next week. Watch this space...

(01/07/14) Now that we have cleared the border area to the side of the nursery we have been trying to decide what to put in it... Pauline has come up with a super idea... To sow some wild flower seeds in it to help our bees and our butterflies...



High quality seeds for flowers rich in nectar and pollen to help save our bees. Will grow in any outdoor space, great for window boxes and gardens. Delightful wild flowers that will brighten any garden. 2.5g per pack, will cover 1 m2. Part of proceeds donated to bee and conservation organisations. All our seeds are pesticide and insecticide free and 100% British wild flowering mixture.

(15/07/14) The above seeds were sown yesterday. We shall now wait for the first shoots to appear. Work also continued in the rear nursery garden by introducing splashes of colour. Or... We've got two tins of blue paint and we're going to use them...

And the grass seed is starting to grow....

(29/07/14) More progress in the nursery garden this week. This time on the playground side. The old borders were looking tired and in need of rejuvination. Paul used some sleepers to create some more robust raised bed borders.

Even the scarecrows are smiling again.....