Brockhill Barn Day Nursery is pleased to be able to provide a home cooked lunch at the nursery for all children at around the age of one year. Our meals consist of two courses, a cooked lunch, followed by a pudding. The meals are cooked by Paul every day using fresh ingredients. The current 6 week rolling nursery menus are given on the following pages. The temperature of the food is recorded prior to serving in order to ensure good practice in food hygiene. All of our own staff are trained in Food Hygiene and this training is updated regularly to ensure continuous good practice.

Home Made Salmon Fishcakes

Menus are displayed in the nursery each week and take into account the nutritional needs of the children over one year of age. It is the aim of the nursery to CONTRIBUTE to the daily nutritional needs of the children, and by displaying the menu weekly in advance we feel that parents are then able to balance the total daily requirements with the food eaten at home.

In addition to lunch, the nursery also provides breakfast and a varied tea. Breakfast is available between 8am and 8.30am. This consists of a choice of cereal and/or toast with milk, juice or water. Throughout the day children are offered pasteurised milk, sugar free squash and water to drink. They are also given a choice of fruit, crunchy vegetables, rice cakes and bread sticks for a mid-morning snack.


Some examples of tea at the nursery include; beans on toast, soup with a wholemeal roll, crumpets with cheese and tomatoes, spaghetti on toast, filled pitta bread, homemade pizzas etc. A selection of fruit and/or yoghurt is also offered.

Spinach and Potato Curry with Naan Bread

Increasingly parents are looking for reassurance about the quality of the food given to their children, and I would like parents to know that we are constantly reviewing the standards of our meals to ensure that we are always offering the best package available to all children. Due consideration is given to the food parents want their children to eat, the food their children want to eat, food safety, nutritional needs of the children and of course, the individual needs of each child, such as allergies, religious and cultural requirements etc. We are able to accommodate most requirements but do ask you to put these in writing and update them as necessary.

Finally, when staff consider your child is ready for nursery meals they will liaise with you regarding a transition period which generally goes very smoothly.


It is our aim to make meal times at the nursery an enjoyable experience and to offer parents peace of mind that the role the nursery plays is a sensible one, which can blend into the life of all parents.


You are welcome to join us at any time for lunch or tea!