The children based in this room are aged approximately thirty months to five years old. In this room we continue to provide a homely environment. We encourage the children to develop their independence, confidence, language and social skills. Our aim is to encourage the children to learn through play and practical experiences during planned and unplanned activities.


There are visits and trips arranged to topical venues and places of interest throughout the year. We also invite visitors to come into the nursery to talk to the children about their interests or the jobs they do.

The staff plan a curriculum based on the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). The plans are adapted according to the age and development of the children, treating them all as individuals. The following activities are offered throughout the day, and may take place either indoors or outdoors.

  • Physical activity sessions
  • Number/Letter awareness
  • Emergent writing opportunities
  • Discovery/exploration activities
  • Sand/water
  • Play dough
  • Gluing/sticking/collage
  • Free painting/drawing
  • Large and small scale construction
  • Developing fine motor skills, threading beads, jigsaw puzzles
  • Games involving learning, counting, developing mathematical language
  • Cookery
  • Dressing up/role play
  • Music and movement
  • Singing/rhyming
  • Large scale outdoor physical activities.